I have sampled so many drinks in my lifetime, and truly have found the best. After our Thursdays hiking trips with a group from OLLI, Furman University, we stop at Williams Hardware in Travelers Rest, outside Greenville.

I had my first bottle of REVd Pineapple/Mango. It is the best drink I have ever had. I love hot tea; I love water and milk…..and now I love this incredible lite drink of pleasure.

Thank you so much for this product.  I shall always have it on my shelf and greatly appreciate knowing I can buy it here and also order from you.



I was raised by a loving, hardworking father who made sure I was never hungry.
He wasn’t a cook and our busy schedules often meant picking up fast food on the way home in the evening.  My metabolism was high, so I burned up the calories and was pretty skinny as a teenager.  It wasn’t until later when my metabolism started to shift that the weight began to accumulate.
By the time I turned thirty, I realized exercise alone wasn’t helping me lose the unwanted weigh I was continuing to gain.  I didn’t learn about healthy nutrition in school, and I didn’t realize that I was sabotaging myself with the wrong foods.  I spent the decade of my thirties lost in yo-yo diets that didn’t work and left me discouraged.  I was carrying 196 pounds that was draining my energy.
I was biking and exercising but the weight wasn’t coming off.  The beginning of 2015, I weighed 183.4 pounds.  That’s when I was introduced to Hydro One Premium Beverages and learned about the amount of sugar I was drinking in Gatorade, Powerade and sodas.  I learned how to read labels, added Bode Sport to my routine and used smoothies made with other Hydro One Beverages and fruit to curb my sweet tooth.  I’m glad I can share my enthusiasm about the products with my clients, and encourage them to reduce their sugar intake also.
I was so encouraged by how much easier it was to lose weight that I started looking at other ways to fix healthier foods and I felt better and better.  I celebrated 2016 at 133 pounds!  Hydro One Beverages helped me lose weight and led the way to many other healthy changes in my life.  Thank You Hydro One Beverages!


Dental Hygienist

Sammy, I wanted to let you know how much my family and I appreciate you and your team. The drinks that you provide are what we need. We are just like any family with kids ( very active and busy ).with kids ( very active and busy ). My wife loves the sugar free Green Tea, Seth my 16 year old loves the Lemon Lime and the Black Cherry Grape, Isabella my 11 year old will drink any of them and I love all of them. We also do shakes with the drinks with our Magic Bullet. We add drink of our choice, fruit, protein, Greek yogurt. This makes a great snack or meal replacement for us because we are so busy with family and work.

My wife and I own a small concrete/construction business and we have been providing the Lemon Lime and the Black Cherry Grape for our guys in the field for for about 4 years. This is an investment into our employees. During the hot months of the summer we will go through 20 cases in a month. Our guys in the field love them and they let me know quick when we run out and they need more. We Love Hydro One! Thank you from the Young Family!

Len Young

Highly refreshing after exercise. The product helps to restore my electrolyte balance and it taste great! It really hits the spot after exercise. I like replacing my potassium without adding excessive sodium and I certainly like the really low sugar content per drink. Beats the competition hands down.

Great product!

Ray and Charlotte Michie
Apex, NC

I had just begun my weight loss journey shortly before our office had meeting with the HydroOne team.  After learning about the ingredients and how HydroOne is a better source of vitamins and rehydration, I began replacing all of my high calorie drinks with HydroOne.  I am able to replace a meal, or enjoy a snack when including the REVd beverages in a refreshing smoothie.  After heavy exercise, I use the Bode Sport drinks for the best rehydration.  In the past year, I have lost forty-five pounds.  Thank you, HydroOne!



Greenwood SC

As a diabetic, I can enjoy Hydro One without having problems  with blood glucose spikes.  I can use it  as a healthy alternative in managing my diabetes.The flavors are fantastic and my favorites are  the Green Tea and the Lemon Lime.
Dr. Joe W.
I started drinking Hydro One Beverages BODE Sport the beginning of this year, and I can’t believe how they change the way I feel. I’m 83 years old and I work out three mornings a week and walk on alternate days. I drink a Black Cherry Grape before I exercise, and it really gives me a lift and makes it easier to do my forty-five minute routine.

Thanks Hydro One for helping me stay in great shape! –

Alma McCullough

Hydro One Premium Beverages is proud to announce their association with young diabetes awareness advocate Noah Brokmeier, The Diabetes Dude. The Diabetes Dude Foundation connects the diabetes community through encouragement of a healthy and active lifestyle. Striving to help families explore new ways to improve their diabetes management, reduce complications of the disease, raise awareness, and encourage leadership amongst individuals with the same condition in a positive way


Hydro One’s Rev’ d and True Green Tea Brands Receive Platinum Awards Greenwood, S. Carolina – Hydro One Premium Beverages, the makers of a unique line of all-natural functional drinks, is proud to announce today that it has received the 1st Place Platinum (Best of Show) awards in two different categories for its Rev’ d and True Green Tea beverages. These highly regarded honors were awarded at the World Beverage Competition held on December 15, 2012 in Geneva Switzerland


Hi, my name is Shelby Brockway. I’m 19 years old, and when I was 11, I was put on medicine that made me gain a lot of weight. I went from being a 98 lb girl in 6th grade to over 190 in 8th grade. I’ve tried every diet that you can think of, and nothing ever seemed to work. My mother owns a bakery in Uptown Greenwood, and I was introduced into Hydro One by one of her customers, Sammy Nasrollahi(the Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Hydro One). He showed me all of the different drinks