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We Make Healthy Drinks

You are what you drink. The connection between what you drink and the way your body feels is a factor that directly impacts your health.

This nutritional aspect of our daily diets is the driving force behind Hydro One Premium Beverages and our mission to improve your health by improving what you drink.

We recognize that more and more people want to make better food choices and take control of their lives through a healthier diet. Food choices include EVERYTHING you put in your body, including what you drink!

At Hydro One our scientists have teamed with experts in the field of nutrition in response to your demand for better beverage choices. The result is our line of all-natural, low-calorie functional beverages.

A revolution has begun, one that is changing a culture once dominated by sugar-laden beverages and moving toward healthier choices to support healthy lifestyles. Hydro One beverages is at the forefront of this movement and we want you to start a revolution in your own life.

Hydro One Functional Water Beverages